Hi.  This site is partly documentation for projects that I've worked on and partly bits of advice (or maybe it's ranting).  The whole thing is based on software development.  I hope you find it useful; if not, feel free to comment on the articles or contact me directly.

Programming Tips

A collection of topics that come up during programming.  Perhaps useful things too.


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!  I'd better shout it to the world when something interesting comes up.


This source code versioning system is becoming very popular.  I have a collection of guides and articles regarding its use.


A git repository of useful classes to get you running with PHP faster.


A CSS pretty printer / beautifier that is written in JavaScript and can execute on a server or in a browser.

Problems Only Tyler Has

This suggested category comes from my coworkers because I run into strange issues at an alarming frequency.